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At Main Street Medical Hypnosis Clinic

What is Hypnosis really?

Photo-10--Hypnosis-imageFor a patient Hypnosis is just like a day dreaming, your are neither fully awake nor asleep; you are in a stage of “Trance”. A doctor or a hypnotist will check your mind and in the mean time to remove all negativity thoughts and believe then to replaced with all healthy and more positive ideas. When the work is done you will wake up with a better mood and feeling happier. Some patients may need a few hypnosis  sessions to reach a more successful status, especially when suffering a chronic/ stubborn illness. But for patient wishes for cessation of smoking or suffering simple insomnia usually only need two or three hypnosis sessions.

Hypnosis is safer and no side effects compare with herbs or medication .if you wish we can teach you to do the hypnosis by yourself (called auto-hypnosis). This skill of auto-hypnosis will certainly benefit you for the rest of your life.

Clinical Indications for Hypnosis:

Most people think thjustsleepnow-pic2at Hypnosis is only good for some Mental illness and some bad habits in one’s life. This is just an unfortunately misconception. Actually hypnosis can be applied at any situations whenever you need it. Hypnosis can build up your confidence, release your daily stress, improve your memory, quality of your sleep, and even your love life. Not to mention that our medical oriented hypnosis can help you with all types of pain, physical and mental diseases, hereditary and acquired family problems, emotional and skin diseases…etc. As a matter of fact the clinical list of our unique style of both ancient Eastern and modern Western combined hypnosis is endless. If you need help just give us a call or send us an email to arrange a hypnosis session with Dr. P. Carson, MD (Director of Unionville Medical Hypnosis Centre).


You Must Know This Before Being Hypnotized

IMG_7873Most people do not know what a simple hypnosis session with a qualified  medical hypnosis  Practitioner can help them a lot than just a family physician or a hospital based Psychiatrist. Because this kind of medical hypnosis  will not relied on any  medication  or physiotherapy. Therefore , there has no any side effects due to the treatment one received. Also the session is just go through a verbal suggestion to induce a kind of sleep like mental state called “trance”. Once you are in a trance  state, then  to cure all your problems become very easy. From anxiety to pain even  late stage of cancer pain, or any allergy syndromes, or any bad habits, smoking, drinking etc. or simply can’ t sleep well , or need a surgical procedure but can’t tolerate routine general anesthesia. All these conditions we can help. Dr. Palden Carson is an expert in medical hypnosis for many decades  in Toronto, Canada. In recent years he also started teaching Medical Hypnosis for those who wishes to learn for professional hypnotists and medical doctors.

Qustions & Answers

Q: What clinical conditions our medical hypnosis can help you?
A: Medical Hypnosis can improve almost all patient’s physical and Mental state. This prominent improvements were know even record in many media reports or professional Medical journals for many years since 1898.

There are a few common conditions can be help listed by one Clinical Hypnosis College  in the United Kingdom as following can be a good reference to anyone:
IMG_5090Panic  disorders, psychosomatic disorders, migraine, asthma, allergies, and ME( chronic fatigue), insomnia, snoring, nightmares; dermatological diseases, gastro-intestinal disorders including IBS, anorexia nervosa, bulimia; phobia( including agoraphobia and cardio-phobia), obsessive compulsive disorders (OCDs); attention deficit disorder; and depression; gynecological problems including amenorrhea, menopause, pseudocyesis and PMS;psychosexual problems including impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity, vaginismus and psychogenic infertility; neurotic conditions including anxiety and stress; relief from pain including both minor  and dental surgery, and during childbirth; breaking of unwanted habits  including smoking, abuse of food, alcohol and drugs; stuttering, blushing, nail-biting, nocturnal enuresis and pseudo-dyslexia; performance anxiety including public speaking, examination nerves and ego strengthening; improved sporting performance; also, treatment and relief of many other somatic and psychological symptoms for which  medical hypnosis/ hypnotherapy is indicated as a practical treatment.

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